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In 2014, Mr. Nobuchika Ihara, Honorary Consul of Papua New Guinea,Cooperated in the project by accompanying the sister city tie-up between Bando City in Ibaraki Prefecture and Tari City, aiming at exchanges such as agricultural technical guidance and acceptance of agricultural trainees.

In 2016, Accompanied the Rotary Club of KOGA EAST for international cooperation and cooperated in a project to donate school supplies to elementary schools on Palau's Peleliu Island.

​In 2018, in cooperation with the Solomon Islands Minister of Education Kuku and Board Chairman Mr.Takahama of the Japan Solomon Friendship Association, we hosted a cleanup event in the capital Honiara, the Honiara Clean Project.

​In 2022, supported victims of the large-scale submarine volcanic eruption in the Kingdom of Tonga. We donate 1000 towels were sent to schools in Tonga with the cooperation of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Tonga in Japan 
and Board Chairman Mr.Takahama of the Non Profit Organization The Pacific Ocean Co-Creation Organization, and Kyowa Shipping Company.

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